September 2022 – present

Japanese to English translator at Japan Travel K.K.


I am responsible for the translation and native proof reading of texts from Japanese to English. I work with a range of topics within tourism, including websites for hotels, restaurants, historical sights, and other forms of tourism. 



August 2021

Junior high speech for the national speech contest


Every year junior high students across Japan compete with their English speeches. Every junior high picks one student to write a speech (usually in Japanese), for it then to be translated/edited and practiced in preparation for the competition. This year I worked with the student to not only develop her speech, but also translate it and teach the nuances of English pronunciation.


1,376 characters / 1,376文字

December 2020 – present

Travel Izu tourism website

観光サイト:『Travel Izu』

As someone who loves the Izu Peninsula, I created a tourism website to help bring English to Izu and provide information to foreign visitors. All of the information was collected by myself, translated and then edited to provide relevant information, as well as my own personal recommendations/experiences.

伊豆半島では英語の情報が少ないので、外国人向けに英語で対応した伊豆に特化した観光案内のサイト「Travel Izu」を立ち上げました。全ての情報は自分で集め、翻訳し、編集しました。自分のお勧めや経験も書いてあります。

Translation Competitions

October 2020

17th Annual JAT Translation Contest


A short newspaper clipping about the dangers of information oversharing and recording data providing a very interesting outlook. Do we prioritise the safety of the masses or protect our personal freedom?


1,403 characters / 1,403文字

September 2020

Harvill Secker 2020 Translation Contest


A short story detailing a monologue of a man drinking at his local bar, observing the situation around him.


9,542 characters / 9,542文字

September 2020

Kurodahan 2020 Translation Contest


A short story about a man whose life briefly becomes entwined with a cicada seen in winter.


2,907 characters / 2,907文字