About Me

I’ve been fascinated with foreign cultures ever since I was little. After graduating from the University of the West of Scotland with a 1:1 degree in Computer Animation I decided to start studying Japanese. As I studied, my love for the language and culture grew. Mostly self-taught, I realised that if I really wanted to improve and “live” the language then I would need to live and work in Japan.

I had travelled to Japan three times before moving here, each time my love for Japan growing stronger. The first time I visited here I could only speak basic Japanese, hello, thank you, goodbye, etc. Despite this, every single person I had tried to use Japanese with became insanely happy. It was then that I decided to learn Japanese with the goal of becoming a translator. I wanted to help bring this wonderful culture and people to foreign audiences. I wanted to help break the language barrier so that my love for the country could ignite love in many other people.

I moved to Japan in 2018 as an English teacher in the picturesque Izu Peninsula. While teaching, I continued to study Japanese and would use it at my every opportunity. Living here I realise how little English support there is in the Japanese countryside, despite Izu being so famous overseas. I then decided that I wanted to live here and help bring English to Izu.